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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q) What does it cost to use and eeeCurrency?
A) Opening an Account, sending, and receiving eeeCurrency is absolutely FREE.

Q) Is a Bank?
A) NO. We are not a Bank and we do not take Hard Currency Deposits from Account holders.

Q) What are the rules of using
A) Read the "Terms Of Service" in the Agreement section.

Q) How do I put funds in to and take funds out of my eeeCurrency account?
A) Check the MERCHANTS section for our listing of Independent eeeCurrency Authorized Exchangers who will fund and redeem eeeCurrency for you.

Q) What about my privacy?
A) You are assigned an Account ID and you create a User Name for your account. Other users see only this, and never your personal information. Your personal information and transaction details are not shared with any other Business or Agency unless by Court Order in our legal jurisdiction.

Q) Where is located?
A) is fully owned by Inc., a Nevis Corporation. Our Primary Administrative Office is located in Panama City, Panama.'s Network of Independent Secondary Administrators work virtually anywhere in the World from fixed and non-fixed locations.

Q) Do I need to provide Identification for my account?
A) If you ever become the victim of obvious fraud, we may need to verify that you are who you say you are. By choosing the option to submit Identification via the UVS, your account will become "Verified".

Q) What is the UVS (User Verification System)?
A) Although it is currently not mandatory to submit Identification, eeeCurrency's User Verification System was designed to set a score/level for each account for such things as funds transfer limits, advertising privileges, etcetera. Currently, the UVS can be used by member's who want their identity verified in the event of fraud against their Account.

Q) What if Funds is somehow stolen from my Account or I am defrauded by another Member?
A) does not get involved in User disputes, and Transactions are irrevocable, indisputable, irreversible, non-repudiable, except by result of findings by the GDCA or Court Order Served to our Panama Office.

Q) What if I lose my Primary or Secondary Password?
If you forget your Primary Password, you may request it with the "Forgot Password?" Link before you sign in to your Account. Funds can not be Transferred out of your Account with out the Secondary Password. To request or reset your Secondary Password send the answers to your 1st and 2nd Security Questions you chose when you created your Account. From inside your Account use the Links: "News and Support > Internal Support > Send New Message to Admin" or send a copy of your Identification to the Verification Email Address.

Q) Can I earn from referring others?
A) The Referral Program has been replaced with Interest payments! Each eeeCurrency Account receives Interest payments on the average Balance in the Account for a 24 hour period.

Q) What is the current Interest Rate?
A) Your Account will earn a daily Interest of 1/10th of 1 percent per day on the average daily Balance. This equals 3% per 30 days and 36 1/2 percent per 365 days.

Q) How does make money if it pays Interest but charges no Fees?
A) makes money through value added Services such as Advertising in our Banner Ad Network, and our upcoming Pay per Display and Pay per Click Network.

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