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About eeeCurrency and eeeCurrency.Com

eeeCurrency is designed and continues to evolve as a Barter, Exchange, and Payment medium primarily for, but not limited to, Exchangers, Investors, and Value Builders.

Because of the universal appeal of the United States Dollar, one (1) eeeCurrency Dollar is equal to one U.S. Dollar only as a comparison.

eeeCurrency's value is not backed by Securities, Precious Metals or popular World Markets, but on it's own intrensic value. In other words, the value given to it by the strength and demand of it's Network of independent Exchangers and Users who use it as a Bartering instrument or medium of exchange and value.

Payments are completed instantly from one eeeCurrency account to another any where in the world.

Currency (cur·ren·cy)
noun - plural: cur·ren·cies

1. Money in any form when in actual use as a medium of exchange, especially that which is circulating.

2. Transmission from one to another as a medium of exchange; circulation.

Barter (Bar·ter)
verb - bar·tered, bar·ter·ing, bar·ters

To trade goods or services without the exchange of money.

1. The act or practice of bartering.
2. Something bartered.

eeeCurrency is an Internet based Electronic Currency and is an Internet based Payment System owned by, Inc. and managed by, LLC


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